"An incredibly beautiful manufacturing company"



Willem Leertouwer


“Before I started working at Bayards two years ago, I was working at a shipping company, a very dynamic working environment. However, I had always had the dream of working as a Purchaser for a company that produces premium technical products, and that is exactly what Bayards does! The great thing about working at a medium sized manufacturing company, is that as a Purchaser you get involved in the early stages, often in the selling stage of the project. In the end you see the physical product that you know you have contributed to and that you have created together with your colleagues, which is very cool! As a Senior Purchaser, I devote most of my time to purchasing things for the helicopter landing platforms that Bayards makes. I mainly focus on purchasing equipment like firefighting systems, lighting systems, steel structures and other outsourcing. In addition, I work on optimizing the purchasing workflow by standardizing and by making sure supply and demand are in sync. It’s a challenge to find the perfect match between the organization’s demand and the options our suppliers can provide. That is my contribution to making the projects run more efficiently and effectively and maximizing the value for money the client gets. Altogether it’s an interesting and varied job at a wonderful company!”

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