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"What I especially like about working at Bayards is the diversity."


Wilco Schop



"I joined Bayards in 2013 as a student through Metalent. At the time I was following a BBL course, MBO level 2. After two years I graduated and was then offered a contract to work for Bayards. Since then I have also attained level 3 in All-round CNC Milling and I now work full-time as a professional CNC milling machinist. This means that I can operate the CNC machines.


What I especially like about working at Bayards is the diversity. I get to learn to work with all different kinds of machines. This way I really get to broaden my skill-sets and become an all-round expert. The fact we make so many different products in so many different industry segments is of course also very unique. I particularly like the projects we do for the luxury yacht building and defence markets."

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