“A fun and very educational job”



Jelle van den Oever


“Over four years ago I started working at Bayards, right after graduating. During my third year of studies Civil Engineering at the Haagse Hogeschool I did an internship at Bayards. Because I live in Nieuw-Lekkerland, the link was easily laid. This internship was so great that I decided to do my final internship at Bayards too. Nowadays, I’m a System Engineer in the Engineering/Helidecks department. Bayards specializes in engineering, manufacturing and installing aluminium structures. Funnily, that is exactly what I don’t do in my job: most of the time I am working on everything but that. That means I spend my time on lighting, heating, firefighting systems and piping. These systems can really make a helideck complete and ensure that the client does not need to worry about rules and regulations. The fun part of my job is the variation. I work with a lot of departments within Bayards but also with clients and suppliers. Because of this, I also get to go on work trips outside of the Netherlands, which make my job extra fun. All of this has made me go to work with a smile on my face for the past four years. I hope to continue this for the coming years so I can improve myself and Bayards!”

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