Our departments




QHSE is short for Quality, Health, Safety and Environment. This is what this department is all about, with a focus on company policy, product quality and whether everything goes according to the rules and regulations regarding working conditions (such as safety and health) and environment.





Human Resource is responsible for things such as acquisition and selection of new staff, but you can also go to this department when you have questions on things such as salary and personal development within the company.





The Finance department is responsible for all things related to finance within Bayards, such as salary administration, debit/credit administration and hour registration. If there is one department that is crazy about numbers, it’s this one.





The MarCom department, handles all things related to Marketing and Communication. For example, they make sure that the website and social media have the right look and feel and are in the right tone of voice, but they are also responsible for the internal newsletter, brochures, flyers and representing Bayards at events.



Supply Chain


Supply Chain takes care of all project related purchases and makes sure that the supply chain runs efficiently. Think of things such as purchasing equipment and investment purchasing. This department works closely together with Work Preparation and Project Management.



Internal Sales


The Internal Sales department takes care of all the new projects. The requests that are being brought in by the Area Sales Managers are being processed by this department. Things such as cost proposals and tenders are all taken care of by Internal Sales.


Area Management



The Area Managers cater to the foreign markets, locally. Being part of the Sales department, they are responsible for scoring new projects and maintaining the relationship with current clients.





The Production department is responsible for carrying out the work that results from the scored projects. The production team carries out the work under the supervision of the Production Manager.





Work Preparation is the link between Engineering and Production, with activities such as Welding, Machining and Milling. In this department, they make the translation from digital information and drawings from the Engineers to actual, workable output and drawings for the actual production.





The Project Management department deals with the daily managing of current projects. The Project Managers are responsible for the planning, budget and the overall project. This department is the connecting key between clients and the other departments within Bayards.





The Mechanical Engineering department works on a number of projects that are created with the 3D software TEKLA. The Mechanical Engineers face numerous challenges: thinking and creating technical solutions, rules and regulations, arithmetic requirements and the client’s demands. In addition, this department also ensures that everything fits together and can be installed properly. The TEKLA 3D models they make, provide all the necessary information to start the manufacturing process.





The Research & Development department focusses on optimizing current products and developing new ones. In this process, we always strive to maximize the benefit from the material aluminium and the production technologies. Preliminary research, simulation, prototyping and testing is all done in house, or in close cooperation with research and test centers.